Best accessories to gift your father this Father’s Day

With Father’s Day coming soon, we are sure all the sons and daughters would be scrambling to find the best gifts to make their dad feel special. Whether you are a daddy’s girl or daddy’s boy, we at Freakmall know that it is not easy to be able to give something totally unique to our fathers. Yet, worry not, as we are bringing you a special set of gifts which only will make his day special, they will also set him apart in the crowd. So let us begin.

Roman pocket watch

Now pocket watches may be ancient, but they do have a classy appeal. Staying true to old is gold mantra, how about you give your dad something classic like a pocket watch? This is a plain pocket watch with Roman numbers that make it even more alluring. Now is not that an utterly unique gift?

Taj Mahal pocket watch

Tajmahal vintage pocket watch

Now if your father loves architecture or Taj Mahal, then this is the pocket watch to gift him. It has embossed one of the seven wonders in the world on its cover, which will certainly impress him every time he opens it to check the time. Not to mention, it will instantly grab everyone’s attention too.

The greatest dad pocket watch

What if you want to prove your admiration to your father? Then we would recommend you this pocket watch which mentions “The Greatest Dad”. We can bet that this gift will surely make your dad extremely happy and proud of you too. Of course, it will also be unique whenever he is accessorising it to wear with jeans or suits.

Snitch pocket watch

Our fathers have always been able to achieve the impossible to keep us happy, so how about we acknowledge that fact? Well, for that, our suggestion is this Snitch pocket watch which symbolises almost impossible-to-catch ball in the game of Quidditch from the Harry Potter series. Along with being a unique gift, it also will turn everyone’s heads wherever he goes.

Batman pocket watch

Now for most people, our dads are the greatest superheroes. That is why we advise you to gift him something that makes him feel such too. This Batman pocket watch can achieve exactly that with its attractive Batman logo outside.

Captain America pocket watch

captain america shield vintage pocket watch

Captain America or The First Avengers is admired for his courage and righteousness, so if you want to show gratitude to your dad as well because he has always been there for you along with guiding you to the right path, then this pocket watch would be our pick. With a design like Captain America’s shield, this will truly be a unique gift for your father on the Father’s Day.

Iron Man pocket watch

Ironman Face vintage pocket watch

Iron Man, a person who is a billionaire, yet has always led from the front, and helped the planet earth from several threats is among the most popular superheroes. So if you want to tell your father as well, that he’s just amazing, then this pocket watch is the best way to do that. It has a unique-looking cover too with Iron Man’s face offering a 3D-like effect, suggesting how impressive it is to meld old with new.

Game of Thrones lapel pin

game of throne lapel pin

If your dad is a fan of the amazing show called Game of Thrones, which is about politics and power, then he will surely like this lapel pin. He can wear it in formal meetings or casual outings too, and thus looking his best and unique at the same time.

Groot stationary or plant holder

groot plant stationery holder

If your father has a desk and has a lot of stationary which he is not able to keep organized, then this Groot stationary holder would make for an interesting and useful gift. Available in two options of Groot making a heart symbol or Groot with hands open, it surely gives off positive vibes anytime your father will look at it. Not to mention that this will help him keep his stationary organised.

In case your father does not have a lot of stationary items or a desk, but you do want to gift him something similar, then we would like to bring your focus to Groot plant holder. Now it is a given that Groot is a talking tree in the Marvel’s popular movie and comics Guardians of the Galaxy, so how about planting something in the same? Well, with this gift, you and your father can do that.

Astronaut mobile holder

Astronaut mobile holder

Most fathers have a habit of forgetting where he kept his phone or does not have a fixed place for keeping it, then this Astronaut mobile holder is what you are looking for. The mobile holder immediately draws your attention with its unique looks, but also serves a functional purpose of holding the smartphone. Call it a win-win?

These are the best accessories that any son or daughter can gift on this Father’s Day? Do let us know which one you would be going for.